Tuesday, September 19, 2017

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Agency Management

Agency Management System is a customizable product targeted towards mid-size to large Insurance agencies in the US market. It helps to manage the day-to-day business activities of insurance agencies.

Prospective customers shop for insurance services and require agencies to provide quotes, ordering and renewal services. The agency management system helps the agency to manage prospects, insurance proposals and sales, and claims processing.

System handles commissions for the agents and the agency. The major features are as follows:

• Contact Management – ability to manage prospect, client and provider contacts

• Communications management – track communications between the various parties – carriers, agents, customers, claims handlers, etc. ability to add reminders and notes

• Insurance Application Processing - gathering client information and generating industry standard application forms and supporting documents. Get quotes from carriers, provide quote to the insurance buyers

• Policy Management – Issue binders, policies, certificates of insurance, insurance ID cards

• Claims Handling – processes and tracks claims so that the claim can be efficiently handled

• Fine-grained permissions based on users/roles

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