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Bible Analysis in Tamil

Bible Analysis in Tamil

Tamil Bible Explorer allows the user to view the Bible in Tamil; compare different versions, and search for phrases and key words. It allows the priests to analyze the Bible and take notes to prepare for sermons and articles. Some major features include:

• Bible Viewer module allows the user to read different versions of the Bible in Tamil and also in English

• Bible Comparer module allows the user to compare Books from different Versions of the Bible. The user can choose two or more versions to compare. The viewer provides flexibility and lets the user to choose desired comparison view – Side-by-Side, Vertical, etc. Synchronized scrolling helps the user to quickly locate the differences in versions

• Bible Analyzer module lets the user analyze the bible contents. Statistics provided by key word frequency, verse count (in which the keyword occurs), etc. The statistics can be retrieved per book, version, etc. Users can quickly grab the verses that contain a phrase or saying.

• Notes module allows priests to grab all relevant verses and export them. This helps them put together excellent sermons and or presentations with ease.

• Search Module allows for key word and phrase search. The powerful synonyms feature allows the user to view the verses that contain the search key word and any words that have a similar meaning. This module handles different variations of the key word while searching.

• Bible Narrator module allows the user to hear the verses

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